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2018 Hagerty Fall Classic

Entry and Event Information
September 14-16, 2018

2018 Hagerty Fall Classic details will be posted in January.
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2018 Supplementary Regulation <—- PLEASE READ IN FULL
2018 Entry Form
2018 Vehicle Inspection Form
2018 Entry List

** NOTE: Please download and READ all documents above before submitting an entry. A summary of basic information is found below.

The Fall Classic is a budget-minded driving adventure through great roads in Washington and Oregon. The event is open to 1979 and earlier touring and sports cars, with exceptions for select newer cars on an application basis. This un-scored, non-competitive event takes place entirely within the states of WA and OR and consists of approximately 700 miles of driving over three days. The Fall Classic is organized by Squamish Classic Car Adventures, using straight-forward route instructions. For 2018 the Fall Classic follows the recipe of our famous “Spring Thaw Adventure”. The emphasis for this event is great roads, but we promise lots of opportunities to enjoy great cars, great people and our hosted meals and hotels. Perfect for couples or friends, a paid entry on the Fall Classic includes two nights accommodation, a selection of meals and give-away items for a car of two people.


Thursday September 13th, 2018
     • “Unofficial” pre-event drinks and dinner for out of town guests at our host hotel. Details TBA.

Friday September 14th, 2018
9:30-10:15am                   Registration and Tech Open (Troutdale, OR)
10:40am                             All-Participants Meeting & Event Introductions (Mandatory Attendance)
10:45am                             Depart Start
5:45pm                               Estimated hotel arrival for most guests.
7:15pm                               Group Meeting for hosted dinner

Saturday September 15th, 2018
9:15am                               All-Participants Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)
9:30am                              Depart Start
5:30pm                              Estimated hotel arrival for most guests
7:15pm                               Group Meeting for hosted dinner

Sunday September 16th, 2018
8:45am                             All-Participants Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)
9:00am                             Depart Start
1:00pm                             Estimated arrival at finish. (TBA, OR)
3:00pm                            Lunch and Awards Finished

Vehicle Acceptance & Required Equipment

The Hagerty Fall Classic Adventure is open to sport, touring and classic cars from 1979 and earlier. Sorry, no motorcycles on this event. We have been known to accept a truck or two, and even a couple of ‘retro cars’ made after 1979. If you think you’ve got a unique car that fits, simply send us an entry form or contact us. We’ll see if we think it fits with the group. As with all our events, the Delorean rule is still in effect. That is, if you own a DMC-12 and are willing to let Dave drive it for a short period, your entry is automatically accepted. The Delorean rule is open to interpretation for other awesome vehicles you think we should consider. Plenty of ‘non-conforming’ cars have used the Delorean rule to participate in the past.

All vehicles must meet legal roadworthiness standards, and generally be ready for a long weekend of driving through mountains and winding roads. A pre-event tech inspection will check for the following mandatory items:

  • Minimum of one roadside warning triangle (30cm or larger per side)
  • Proof of current insurance & Driver’s Licenses.

Highly recommended equipment includes a tow strap, tool kit, booster cables, fire extinguisher, snacks and water.



  1. All entrants must submit a vehicle tech inspection form. The vehicle tech inspection form is intended to guide you through an inspection appropriate for taking a classic car on a 3-day adventure through the mountains. The form can be completed by your mechanic, a mechanically minded friend or the entrant. The important point is that each item is actually inspected, and not just assumed to be ‘okay’. To complete the inspection you will need to take each of the wheels off to inspect the brakes and suspension components. A failure on any portion of the form does not bar you from entry, it simply means you need to talk to the organizers. We’re happy to let you join us if you’ve failed a section (or sections) of the form, but we want to ensure we’re all aware of the issues.
  2. A mandatory* spares list has been created. After nine years of events, we’ve got a pretty strong impression of the common failure points. The combination of the inspection form, and our spare parts list, should ensure we get 99% of our entrants to the finish line. The spare parts list we’ve chosen will fit in the space of a small lunch bag, so we’re pretty sure all of our entrants can make the space.
    • Fuel Pump – A universal electric pump is preferred. Something which can be wired up into your engine bay as a temporary measure to keep you going. Check your fuel-pressure requirement, and buy a pump which is as close as you can get.
    • Fuel Lines & Wire – Equip your pump with some lines, and some wire, so we can get you going at the side of the road!
    • Points & Condensor – Even if you use electronic ignition like Pertronix, having a set of points and a condensor could mean the difference between driving or a tow-truck.
    • Timing Instruction Sheet – You need to have a sheet that shows how your timing is set, and what the values are. You might photocopy the repair manual, or perhaps have your mechanic write down the details. Important things to know are where you can find the timing readings on your engine, and what to set the following at:  a) points gap, b) static timing, c) max advance. With two of those three values, we can get almost anything running.
    • Ignition Coil – These never fail, unless you’re on a CCA event in the middle of nowhere. Good insurance is carrying a spare one, then you’ll never need it.
    • Spare Nuts & Bolts – Have a ziploc baggie of the commonly used sizes on your car. 1200km has a strange way of vibrating things loose, and chances of someone having the size you need are slim. Pack a few spares.

*Mandatory, CCA Style – Here’s our take on the mandatory spares list: In the last 9 years we’ve run 21+ adventures for classic cars. The spares list comes from the most common failures we’ve seen, and we’ve seen them time and time again. You’re fully welcome to not carry the spares, that would be your choice to increase the potential level of adventure you might have. But in doing so, you understand that the organizers & sweep won’t be delayed by any mechanical failure where the mandatory spares would have saved the day. If we can help you out, and still be on time for dinner, absolutely we’ll assist. But if rendering assistance will delay the organizers or sweep significantly, or disrupt the service to other entrants, we’re probably going to wish you luck and move on (presuming you have cellphone signal). We figure that’s a fair trade, and within our spirit of adventurous driving!

Decal Package

As part of the event registration package, entrants will be issued with two Fall Classic number decals – one for each side of the car. We will be using high quality removable vinyl to ensure that they will come off your car with the least amount of fuss. Cars are required to run the event decals.


The organizers of the Hagerty Fall Classic Adventure will cover the room fee and taxes for Friday and Saturday nights at the event. Each team will receive a standard double-bed room with two occupants per room, unless otherwise requested on the entry form. Additional rooms, upgrades and special requests will be accommodated as possible, with all additional charges being the responsibility of the entrant in question. Please indicate on the entry form any specific needs you may have. A credit card for each team will be required upon check-in at each hotel as a damage deposit, and for incidentals. The organizers will not provide damage deposit coverage for any participants of the event.


The meal details for the event will be listed in the supp-regs, which will be released before entries are opened. Read the supp regs!

Procedure for Registration

Please read the Supplementary Regulations in full, then download and complete the PDF Entry Application form. Once complete, print the form and mail it to the Registrar’s address below along with a cheque for your entry.

Entries will be considered on a “first come, first serve” basis. Vehicles which don’t technically meet the age or type requirements are encouraged to use page two creatively. Each year we’ve allowed a few entries outside our criteria, so there is hope! Please check the Supp Regs for important information on entrants wishing to drive their entry to the CCA offices.

Entry Fees

Entry Fee:$ 625.00 USD (to be confirmed, January 2018)

Entry deadline, September 1st, or when all spaces have been filled.

Cheques and money orders are payable to: “Squamish Classic Car Adventures”

Mail entries to:
Classic Car Adventures
2571 5th Ave
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 2G4

Organizing Committee