Hagerty Maple Mille Event Info & Registration

Hagerty Maple Mille Classic Car Adventure
September 22nd-24th, 2017


Members of our Ontario email list get advanced notice of the exact date for opening of the 2017 Maple Mille entries. Sign up to our Ontario mailing list here: The Ontario Area Mailing List (we send less then 6 emails a year, no spamming of your mailbox will occur!)

2017 Supplementary Regulation <—- PLEASE READ IN FULL
2017 Entry Form
2017 Vehicle Inspection Form
2017 Entry List

What is the “Hagerty Maple Mille”?
The Hagerty Maple Mille Classic Car Adventure is our East-Coast September, 3-day driving event, organized by Classic Car Adventures. Limited to an initial entry of just 45 vehicles the Maple Mille is a budget-minded driving adventure through the backroads and highways of Ontario for 1979 and earlier touring and sports cars. This un-scored, non-competitive event explores approximately 1100 Kilometres of driving over three days. A paid entry on the Hagerty Maple Mille includes two nights accommodation, a selection of meals, an event package and give-away items for a car of two people. The event is generously supported by Hagerty Collector Car Insurance.

The route for the 2017 Adventure will remain secret until entrants receive their route-book at registration. Instructions will be detailed and clear, with easy to understand directions. You will not need any special rally equipment or rally knowledge. The event consists of 100% paved roads through varied terrain, with driving scheduled through daylight hours. The aim will be to provide a finish location which has Toronto area residents home before dinner Sunday, and Ottawa area residents home just a little later.

Vehicle Acceptance
The Hagerty Maple Mille Adventure is open to sport, touring and classic cars from 1979 and earlier. Sorry, no motorcycles on this event. We have been known to accept a truck or two, and even a couple of ‘retro cars’ made after 1979. If you think you’ve got a unique vehicle that should qualify, simply send us an entry form or contact us, we’ll see if we think it fits with the group. As with all our events, the Delorean rule is still in effect. That is, if you own a DMC-12 and are willing to let Dave experience it for a short period, your entry is automatically accepted. The Delorean rule is open to interpretation for other awesome vehicles you think we should consider. In previous events the Delorean rule has been used to enter a ‘50s International, a Plymouth P50, early 80’s 911s, and a Noble GT (among others).

Vehicle Preparation
All vehicles attending the Hagerty Maple Mille are expected to meet legal roadworthiness standards at an absolute minimum. Generally guests should ensure their vehicles are ready for a long weekend of driving through remote and winding roads, keeping in mind that short jaunts around town may not fully prepare your vehicle for long hours of highway driving.


The Supp-Regs contain very important information regarding equipment & items required to participate on the event.


  1. All entrants must submit a vehicle tech inspection form. The vehicle tech inspection form is intended to guide you through an inspection appropriate for taking a classic car on a 3-day adventure through remote roadways. The form can be completed by your mechanic, a mechanically minded friend or the entrant. The important point is that each item is actually inspected, and not just assumed to be ‘okay’. To complete the inspection you will need to take each of the wheels off to inspect the brakes and suspension components. A failure on any portion of the form does not bar you from entry, it simply means you need to talk to the organizers. We’re happy to let you join us if you’ve failed a section (or sections) of the form, but we want to ensure we’re all aware of the issues.
  2. A mandatory spares list has been created. After eight years of events, we’ve got a pretty strong impression of the common failure points. The combination of the inspection form, and our spare parts list, should ensure we get 99% of our entrants to the finish line. The spare parts list we’ve chosen will fit in the space of a small lunch bag, so we’re pretty sure all of our entrants can make the space. The Supp-Regs contain the list of spares required.We consider the Spares list to be ‘Mandatory’, but in typical CCA Style Here’s our take on the mandatory spares list: In the last 9 years we’ve run 23 adventures for classic cars. The spares list comes from the most common failures we’ve seen, and we’ve seen them time and time again. You’re fully welcome to not carry the spares, that would be your choice to increase the potential level of adventure you might have. But in doing so, you understand that the organizers & sweep won’t be delayed by any mechanical failure where the mandatory spares would have saved the day. If we can help you out, and still be on time for dinner, absolutely we’ll assist. But if rendering assistance will delay the organizers or sweep significantly, or disrupt the service to other entrants, we’re probably going to wish you luck and move on (presuming you have cellphone signal). We figure that’s a fair trade, and within our sprit of adventurous driving!  

Decal Package

As part of the event registration package, entrants will be issued with two Maple Mille number decals – one for each side of the car. We will be using high quality removable vinyl to ensure that they will come off your car with the least amount of fuss. Cars are required to run the event decals.

Registration Procedure

First, read the Supp-Regs. Then, simply download the event entry form, fill it out using your favourite PDF program, sign it, and send it via e-mail it to the CCA office. Once received, your electronic entry form will hold a space for you on the Maple Mille Entry page. To confirm your entry, you’ll need to provide payment within 2 weeks. Payment for the Maple Mille can be made via cheque, or money order. Entries will be considered on a “first come, first served” basis.

Entry List & Confirmed Entries
Entries to the Hagerty Maple Mille will be posted online, on the official entry list. At this time we do not individually confirm entries, and guests are encouraged to watch the entry list to confirm we’ve received your email & mailing. Minimal information is posted on the list (Driver & Co-Driver Name, vehicle, home town). The entry list for the 2017 Hagerty Maple Mille can be found by using the following link: http://www.classiccaradventures.com/ontario-events/maple-mille/mm-entry-list-2017/ (will be live once entries open).

Waiting List
Traditionally the entry list for our events fill quickly. We strongly encourage you to enter, even if it looks as though things are “filling up”. Classic cars, and especially classic car projects, have a habit of not meeting scheduling expectations. Each year we end up with some last minute cancellations, and a chance to fill them with a lucky late entry. We’ve even managed to fill a spot hours before the event began!

Entry Fees

Base Entry Fee:$675.00 CAD (estimated: TBA June 2017)
HST (tax):  $ 87.75
Total Entry Fee: $762.75 CAD

USD Entry fee $610 USD (subject to change).   Entry deadline, September 1st, or when all spaces have been filled.

Cheques and money orders are payable to: “Squamish Classic Car Adventures”. E-Transfers can be sent to info@classiccaradventures.com

Classic Car Adventures
5 Reilly’s Run
Minesing, ON
L9X 0H6

Cancellation Policy

In an effort to keep the entire adventure and group close-knit, we are booking hotel rooms for all participants of the event. As such, we find ourselves bound by unique cancellation issues.

Cancellations before August 1st
Cancellations before August 1st will result in a full refund.

Cancellations between August 2nd and and September 1st
Cancellations on or after August 2nd, but before September 1st will result in a $130 refund unless we can fill your space with another entry. In this case we will refund your full entry, as well as make another participant very happy! 

Cancellations after September 1st
Cancellations after September 1st, 2017 won’t be refunded…unless we’re able to fill your spot.

Organizing Committee

Dave Hord (604)-849-0076