R2G Event Info & Registration

2014 Rush To Gold Bridge
Entry and Event Information

August 22nd to August 24th 2014

DOWNLOAD: Supplementary Regulations
DOWNLOAD: 2014 Entry Form

Note about 2014 August Event Cancellation

Alas, we regretfully announce that we’ve had to cancel the 2014 running of the Rush to Gold Bridge due to low entry interest. If you were thinking of entering the 2014 R2GB, but hadn’t yet, we’d love to hear why. If the R2GB needs to be tweaked a little to make it something a group of us can enjoy, we’re certainly open to it! There is a possibility for an October running of the 2014 Rush to Gold Bridge, if we have interested parties…

Email Link to send your thoughts.

General Description

Early motoring in B.C. was simply about “getting there”. The Rush to Gold Bridge returns enthusiasts to a time when remote roads, sheer drop-offs and untouched scenery were the order of the day. Forget GPS, cell phones, roadside assistance or common sense…where we’re going, none of them work! Participants in the Rush to Gold Bridge are pioneers of motoring! It’s just you, your tools, your wits, and hopefully a helping hand from the car behind you. Crazy road choices, breakdowns in the middle of nowhere and a rugged ‘western frontier’ atmosphere mark the theme for this adventure. If gold miners from the 1800’s could have travelled via Healey and Sprite, this would have been their event. Well, okay, it’s really not that extreme. We’re taking care of your route, some hotels and probably a meal or two. And you’re travelling with a group of people. We just wanted to highlight the fact that you’ll be driving on both Tarmac and Gravel roads in this event.

To ensure an “adventure”, the route will remain secret until competitors receive their entry packages at registration…but don’t worry, when we update this page with Supp Regs we’ll also update the page with Start and Finish locations! Way-finding instructions will be detailed and clear, and will not require any calculations or rally knowledge.  The event consists of mixed paved and gravel roads, with some significant mountainous terrain.Driving is scheduled during daylight hours.

The Rush to Gold Bridge is organized by Squamish Classic Car Adventures and West Coast Rally Association, following the BC Rally Regulations, and using straight-forward route instructions.


      Schedule coming soon!         

Vehicle Acceptance & Required Equipment

The Rush to Gold Bridge is open to sport, touring and classic cars from 1979 and earlier. “Retro Classics” from 1980-1989 will be accepted upon organizer approval. Classic Trucks, sporting period-correct looks are also eligible. Think you’ve got a unique car that fits, but doesn’t meet the age category? Feel free to contact us.

All vehicles must meet legal roadworthiness standards, and generally be ready for a long weekend of driving through mountains and winding roads. A pre-event tech inspection, more rigorous then the Spring Thaw’s, will check for the following mandatory items:

  • Minimum of two roadside warning triangles (30cm or larger per side)
  • Proof of current insurance & Driver’s Licenses.
  • All four (4) tires in good condition, exceeding minimum tread depth.
  • Minimum of one spare tire
  • Brakes in good condition.
  • Functioning headlights, tail-lights, and brake-lights.
  • Tow strap
  • Snacks and 1L of water per participant
  • Additional 1L of water for water-cooled vehicles

Highly Recommended Equipment

  • Tool kit
  • Booster cables
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Simple spares (points, fluids, etc.)
  • Spare Fuel container and fuel (securely stored and vented to exterior of vehicle)

Decals & Event Graphics

As part of the event registration package, entrants will be issued with two Rush to Gold Bridge number decals – one for each side of the car. We will be using high quality removable vinyl to ensure that they will come off your car with the least amount of fuss.

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodations and meal information will be updated when the Supp Regs are posted.

Procedure for Registration

Please download and complete the PDF Entry Application form. Once complete, print the form and mail it to the Registrar’s address below along with a cheque for the full amount. Entries will be considered on a “first come, first serve” basis. Vehicles which don’t meet the 1979 or earlier requirement are encouraged to use page two creatively.

Entry Fees – TBD.

Entry deadline, August 1st, or when all spaces are filled.

Cheques and money orders are payable to:
“Squamish Classic Car Adventures”

Registrar Address (send entries here):

Classic Car Adventures
#32-1200 Edgewater Dr
Squamish, BC
Canada  V8B 0E7

Cancellation Policy

In an effort to keep the entire adventure and group close-knit, we are booking hotel rooms for all participants of the event. As such, we find ourselves bound by unique cancellation issues.

Cancellation before July 15th
Cancellation of your participation in the event before July 15th will result in a full refund.

Cancellation between July 16th and August 1st
Cancellation of your participation between the dates of July 16th and August 1st will result in a $130 refund unless we can fill your hotel room with another waitlist entry. In this case we will refund your full entry. Any cancellations will be filled in the order received.

Cancellations after August 1st
Cancellation of your participation after August 1st will result a refund of $130.

Organizing Committee

Dave Hord (604)-849-0076 / info@classiccaradventures.com
Warwick Patterson (604)-849-0407 / www.classiccaradventures.com