Fall Freeze Classic


“The Event With No Name” Classic Car Adventure
September 18th-20th, 2015



DOWNLOAD: Supplementary Regulations (Available Spring 2015)
DOWNLOAD: Entry Form (Available Spring 2015)

A history of logging, mining and exploration has created so many fantastic roads in the Pacific Northwest. While we certainly love exploring the roads of British Columbia, we thought we’d take our blend of events a little further south into the great roads of Washington and Oregon. This Budget-Minded three day driving adventure is for 1979 and earlier touring and sports cars. The event features 100% paved roads, and easy to folllow route-finding instructions which don’t require calculations or previous rally experience. We know many classic cars don’t even have a working odometer, and try to create instructions which are easy enough that you’ll still get to the hotel at night.

With moving the event to WA and OR, we thought it was time to retire the “Fall Freeze” name. We also thought we’d have some fun, and ask you to help us name our new fall event! We’re offering a 50% discount as a prize to the winner of our naming contest. You can enter the contest by using this link and you’re welcome to enter as many times as you like. We’re going to let the contest run until January 15th 2015, after-which we’ll announce the winner!