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2017 Rush To Gold Bridge
Entry and Event Information

Summer 2017

The 2017 Rush to Gold Bridge Event Survey

After a one year break (so Dave could close on a house), the Rush to Gold Bridge is back! (Although, we’re probably not going to Gold Bridge). We’ve been scouring the maps, and looking at gravel roads which haven’t seen classic cars for many years. We’ve come up with a couple of route options, cleared our calendars and even put some rooms on hold. BUT, we need your help. Exploring roads and enjoying adventures is far more fun with our classic car friends, so we want to ensure we create an event that attracts the most entrants.

Please take a moment to take our 2017 Rush to Gold Bridge survey, so we can finalize the bookings and dispense with the entry forms! 


2015’s Rush to ‘Gold Bridge’ (we didn’t actually go to Gold Bridge) was a fantastic success! We changed the format to a loosely-organized, low-budget, affair and had a ball of a time exploring roads with our classic-car-minded friends. For 2017 we have a few changes planned, mostly due to the time of year in which we run the event. Not wanting any of our potential guests to miss-out on attending, we’ve taken care of booking a block of hotel rooms so no one has to sleep in their car.

Please be sure to read the full Supplementary Regulations, once they’re available, before entering…this is not a Spring-Thaw style event!


What is the “Rush to ‘Gold Bridge’”?

The Rush to ‘Gold Bridge’ is our end of August, 3 day driving event, organized by Classic Car Adventures. Originally conceived as “Dave’s Birthday Touring Adventure”, our first year took us to Gold Bridge…and thus the event was called “The Rush to Gold Bridge”. The actual destination is subject to change on a yearly basis, but the name remains the same! The event features a mixed Tarmac and Gravel route, with additional instructions for those who’d prefer a 100% tarmac adventure. Each entrant will receive both route options, along with maps to show when and where each route will cross similar points. We’ve made every effort to adjust the routes and timings so that all participants can meet up for breaks mid-day, and arrive at the hotels at a similar time. 

Imagine, if you will, a group of Classic Car Enthusiasts who literally just love to drive and hang out together. Some of us are going to try some gravel roads. The other members of our group, the tarmac set, is made up of folks who love to get out and drive, but really aren’t sure about subjecting their cars to some gravel. That, in a nutshell, is the “Rush to Gold Bridge”. 

The route book, for the gravel set, will have relatively detailed instructions until we hit the beginning of each gravel road. Part of the adventure is that we’re all exploring this for the first time together! Detailed maps will be carried, along with GPS, and we’ve scoured all our sources to ensure the roads are classic-car appropriate. We should note, however, that you’re very likely to encounter dust, washboard and mildly ‘rough’ sections. The key is to simply slow down and drive to the conditions of the road. At some point we’ll all stop for an exhaust system repair (seriously, it’s tradition on this event) and then laugh and continue on. For the tarmac portion of the route book, we’re snipping and combining sections from the last seven years of CCA adventures. There are some new, never-before-tried roads, in which case you’ll get the best instructions we can offer.  A sense of humour, and adventure, is expected of all our entrants.


Vehicle Acceptance

The Hagerty Fall Classic Adventure is open to sport, touring and classic cars from 1989 and earlier. Sorry, no motorcycles on this event. We have been known to accept a truck or two, and even a couple of ‘retro cars’ made after 1989. If you think you’ve got a unique vehicle that should qualify, simply send us an entry form or contact us, we’ll see if we think it fits with the group. Vehicles, purchased from Craigslist specifically for this event, are accepted regardless of year…but only if you show us the ad listing an asking price of $500 or less!

What is Included / Not Included? (subject to change, based on survey feedback)

The entry fee for the 2017 Rush to Gold Bridge includes your event decal package, a detailed route book, name tags, hotel room, event give-aways and a planned-event weekend you’ll share with other classic car enthusiasts. The entry does NOT include the following: meals or a sweep team. The organizers will have planned spots for the group to eat, and we typically dine together. Our 2017 survey is not yet complete, and we’re still planning on either a two-day or three day event. In the case of a two-day event, your entry fee will include the Friday night hotel (end of day one). In the case of three day event, your entry will include a hotel room for both Friday night and Saturday night. 


Event Schedule (subject to change)

Sometime in Feb, 2017 (…though, quite possibly June)

  • Supp. regs posted, entry forms posted, entry opens.
  • Entries accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Entries may reserve a space on the entry list with an emailed entry form. Payment, via cheque or money order, must be received within 2wks to confirm your entry.

Thursday Date TBD, 2017

  • “Unofficial” pre-event drinks and dinner for guests who are arriving from out of town (Location: TBD)

Friday Date TBD, 2017

  •   9:30-10:00 am Registration and Tech Open (Location TBD)
  • 10:00am All-Participants Meeting & Event Introductions (Mandatory Attendance, all participants)
  •  6:45pm Estimated hotel arrival, with 1hr lunch/fuel stop during the day
  • 7:30pm Group Meeting for dinner

Saturday Date TBD, 2017

  • 8:45am All-Participants Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)
  • 6:15pm Estimated hotel arrival, with 1hr lunch/fuel stop during the day
  • 7:15pm Group Meeting for hosted dinner

Sunday Date TBD, 2017

  • 8:45am All-Participants Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)
  • 9:00am Depart Start
  • 3:00pm Arrive at Finish location (Pemberton)
  • 4:00pm Departure

Vehicle Preparation

All vehicles attending the Rush to ‘Gold Bridge’ are expected to meet legal roadworthiness standards at an absolute minimum. Generally guests should ensure their vehicles are ready for a long weekend of driving through mountains and winding roads, keeping in mind that short jaunts around town may not fully prepare your vehicle for long hours of mountain highways. Please read the new CCA Vehicle Preparation Document for full details on the prep we require. The basics, however, are below.

1)  A Vehicle Inspection Form will need to be completed for your entry vehicle.

  • The form can be filled out by home mechanics, competent enthusiasts or the professional of your choosing.
  • At minimum the car will need to be on four axle stands with the wheels off to complete the inspection.
  • Vehicles which “fail” the inspection form, for any reason, are not barred from entry…it simply means you need to discuss with the CCA team the items of failure so we’re comfortable your car is likely to ‘make it’.
  • The inspection form can be found here: CCA Vehicle Inspection Form

2) At registration the organizing team will check your vehicle for the following mandatory items:

  • Minimum one (1) roadside warning triangle. Triangle must have reflective sides 30cm or larger per side. LED light-up triangles (without reflectors) are no longer acceptable.
  • Minimum one (1) tow-rope or tow strap. Wise entrants will come to the event knowing where the strap can be attached to their vehicle (front and rear) should they need to use it!
  • Proof of current insurance and driver’s licenses.
  • Vehicle inspection form (if not previously submitted).
  • Snacks and Water for the crew
  • Water for the radiator (should you not be privileged to enjoy the wonders of Ferdinand’s design)

3) Highly recommended are the following items:

  • Emergency electric fuel pump, spare fuel lines and wiring*
  • Points, condenser & timing information sheet*
  • Ignition coil*
  • Spare nuts & bolts fitting your vehicle*
  • Tool Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Spare Tire
  • Simple Spares (points, fluids, etc)Items marked with an * may become mandatory equipment before entries open.

Sweep and Vehicle Assistance

Our events are modelled after a time where motorists were somewhat self sufficient, and knew a little bit more about their vehicles than just “it has bluetooth and a coffee maker!”  As such, driver’s and co-drivers are expected to be the warning lights, eyes and ears for problems with their vehicle. It is advisable that you know in which end of the vehicle the engine can be found, and how to check basic items such as fluid levels and what to do if it won’t start in the morning. Entrants should be prepared to handle minor problems on the roadside, or at least be friendly enough to convince others to render assistance when needed!

The Rush to ‘Gold Bridge’, is presented without a sweep crew. Together as a group we’ll be working to ensure all our entrants make the finish of each day. We’re more then happy to include a sweep crew, and request interested parties contact us for details. 


At this time, we’ve made arrangements for places to eat, but won’t be including meals with your entry fee. The Rush to Gold Bridge typically runs with a much smaller registration number than our usual events, so it’s difficult to plan a group menu. We’ve got some great options, however, and will ensure dining spots are aware of any allergies or dietary issues noted on your entry form.


Due to the remote nature of our travels on the Rush to Gold Bridge, accommodations may be considered more “rustic” than our other event offerings. Accommodations typically range from ‘small-town’ motels, cabins, B&B’s and/or boutique hotels. In all cases we’ve checked reviews, visited the hotels ourselves, and/or ensured that they are passable. You can expect that the rooms are clean, simple, and are likely to be ‘dated’ in both fixtures and decor. Each car will be registered in their own room, with their own bathroom, unless otherwise stated in the supp-regs document. 

Registration Procedure

Simply download the event entry form, fill it out using your favourite PDF program, and e-mail it to the CCA office using the link provided in the application form. Once received, your electronic entry form will hold a space for you on the Rush to Gold Bridge Entry page. To confirm your entry, you’ll need to mail a cheque or money order for the total amount to our Post Office Box. Canadian entries are welcome to use our Canadian CCA address. Entries will be considered on a “first come, first served” basis, and will require payment within 2 weeks to confirm your entry.

Entry Fees

Base Entry Fee: $  TBD
G.S.T. (Tax): $    TBD
Total Entry Fee: $  TBD CDN (USD equivalent to be updated at opening of registration)

Limited Entries

Due to the small and remote communities in which we’re traveling, the organizers do find it necessary to limit the total entries to 25 cars.

Forest Fire Policy

In the weeks leading up to the event, if there are any concerns about forest fires in the area of the route (or back-country travel), the organizers will be in full communication with the entrants. Our primary goal is to ensure the event continues and we all meet for a weekend of driving. If backcountry travel is not allowed (or recommended) we’ll consider a tarmac-only event. If forest fires put our route, or guests at risk, we’ll consider changing our route to a safer location. Entrants will hopefully understand our desire to keep both you and our forests out of harms way!

Cancellation Policy

Please ensure you’ve read the supplementary regulations for the cancellation policy.