Rush to Gold Bridge


Event Description
Early motoring in B.C. was simply about “getting there”. The Rush to Gold Bridge returns enthusiasts to a time when remote roads, sheer drop-offs and untouched scenery were the order of the day. Forget GPS, cell phones, roadside assistance or common sense…where we’re going, none of them work! Participants in the Rush to Gold Bridge are pioneers of motoring! It’s just you, your tools, your wits, and hopefully a helping hand from the car behind you. Crazy road choices, breakdowns in the middle of nowhere and a rugged ‘western frontier’ atmosphere mark the theme for this adventure. If gold miners from the 1800’s could have travelled via Healey and Sprite, this would have been their event.


The event consists of mixed paved and gravel roads, with some significant mountainous terrain. Driving is scheduled during daylight hours. Accommodations will be vacation cabins, lodges and/or ranch house rooms with shared bathroom facilities.

Full Event Regulations and Entry Information