Classic Car Appreciation Day

In February 2014 the BC Government and Specialty Vehicle Association of BC announced that the month of July has been proclaimed as “Collector Car Appreciation Month”. Furthermore, a special day each July will be selected as “Collector Car Appreciation Day”.  Each year we gather enthusiasts on the North Shore of Vancouver for a Cars and Coffee style event.

The 2018 Date for our Collector Car Appreciation Day is July 15th! We’ll be gathering enthusiasts once again for a great morning, and this year we’re really making it special! We’ve teamed up with RX Autoworks in North Vancouver to close an entire block of 1st Street East. We’ll be gathering cars right in front of RX Automworks, and enjoying a wonderful morning of cars, coffee, shop tours and more!

When: July 15th, 2016 – 8:00am to 11:00am
Where: RX Autoworks, 270 East 1st Ave, North Vancouver BC.  Google Maps of Location.
What: ‘Cars and Coffee’, followed by a drive at 11:00am for those who wish to stretch their classic-car-legs together.
Who: Classic Cars, Antique Cars, Collector Cars, Exotic Cars, ‘Retro-Cars’…and anyone who appreciates them!

* Now, you might wonder..what designates a “Classic, Collector or Retro-Car?”  For an event such as this one, we prefer to leave the interpretation fairly wide open, you never know what sort of vehicles might show up. Certainly if your vehicle is made before 1979 it qualifies as a Classic. If your car was made between 1980 and 1989, and is eligible for Collector plates in BC, it definitely qualifies as a Collector car. “Retro Cars” is our designation for vehicles of interest, which don’t fit in the first two categories. Perhaps you have a modified vehicle which can’t get collector plates? Or perhaps it’s an early 90’s classic, which hasn’t quite made the year range. Truthfully, we’re all car people at heart. If you’re a car-nut like us, we’re not going to turn you away. This is about Collector Car Appreciation, simple as that.

Photos from Previous Collector Car Appreciation Days:



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