SS2018 – Day One

How do you put the perfect day into words?

I’m honestly not sure it’s possible to share the beauty of today with those who didn’t get to experience it. Last year, as I led the driver’s meeting inside at the beginning of the Silver Summit, I was looking out to a foot and half of snow in Golden Colorado. This year, outside in a t-shirt and shorts, we basked in the sun of Clifton as I went over the usual driving expectations. First year guests were asked to raise their hands, but already they were becoming close friends. Our unofficial Thursday night welcoming party was possibly trumped by the “pre-party” parking lot gathering that occurred while waiting for cabs to dinner. By the time we started Friday morning, everyone was at least somewhat acquainted. “What car did you bring?”, “Oh, how did you hear about the event.” Friendships, which prove to be long term, were being formed.

We began the day by climbing up the Grand Mesa, a risky choice for anyone in a classic car. If you can make it to the top without overheating or a mechanical failure, you’re probably going to survive the whole weekend without problem. It’s steep, and long, and sure to test your car to the max. Once on top, however, the altitude and melting snow help to cool cars as they head south towards Delta. We looped slightly north and then dropped down into Gateway, where a number of guests stopped at the Gateway Canyons Resort for lunch and a tour of the auto museum on site.

Following lunch, we pointed our cars south on highway 141 and perhaps my favourite road in all of North America. Certainly one my top three. The Gateway Canyon highway follows the Dolores River has it snakes its way left and right. The highway is a combination of 180 degree bends, tight 90’s and fast flowing sweepers. Remote and desolate, one carves along the canyons enjoying beautiful red rock cliffs and views of the flowing river. For our journey, we shared the road with 914’s, a 911, the Fiat Spider, a Datsun 240z and a Healey Sprite. Corners were carved, suspensions were loaded, steering wheels gripped, as we wound our way through twenty-nine miles of incredible twisties.

Soon we were leaving the desert and climbing towards the town of Telluride. The heat of the desert made way for the cooling breeze of mountain evergreens, appreciated by both car and crews alike. We arrived at the Mountain Lodge Telluride, where the group enjoyed a cocktail party in the log-home-style lodge, followed by the traditional group dinner. As I travelled from table to table to see how the day went, two themes became apparent. Our group loved the roads and fun driving, but appreciated the chance to spend time with fellow car enthusiasts the most. Epic mountain views, a fantastic parking lot party, and incredible machinery was all just icing on the cake…

A huge thank you to Andrew Snucins and Dan Evans for their stunning photography.

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