Hagerty Silver Summit – Day Two

When we awoke in Telluride, it was to clear skies and incredible views. Towering peaks of granite, lightly snow topped, rising up beyond our condos to blue skies. Below, an eclectic selection of classic cars awaiting more twisty roads. My Instagram started pinging updates at about 7am, a number of entrants were posting photos of their morning coffee along with a classic car and the mountain view. Collectively we all had the same message; “a wonderful thing to wake up to”.

With the driver’s meeting over, we began our descent from Telluride into a route which would take us from rugged rocky mountains with towering pine trees, through desert scrubland and into red rock canyons carved by years of water and river movements. While travelled just 366 miles over the day, it was like changing worlds completely. The Canyons surrounding Moab seemingly having zero connection to the peaks of Telluride..

Our group explored Hole N” the Wall, a famous 50’s road-side stop that still holds all the charm and leaves the impression of stepping back in time. Some toured Arches National park, taking in the wonder of massive stone arches formed by wind and water erosion. Some enjoyed Colorado National Monument, a twisting road with breath-taking views of stone spires, coke ovens and other geological formations. We had shared the same roads, but enjoyed different experiences throughout the day.

Dinner tonight was a gathering of friends, a chance to share stories of the day, and to show off plaid purchases in the past year. Apparently we now have an unofficial “Plaid Party” on Saturday nights! Dave’s love of flannel and plaid is clearly rubbing off of the Colorado natives. As dinner wound to a close, tools were borrowed and parts were sourced, and the party continued outside in the parking lot. A Datsun was getting some cooling fan work, a beetle was needing a hand brake adjustment, another Datsun was getting some cosmetic adjustments. A 914 hosted the “roof top bar”, and friendships (new and old) were celebrated.

As we drove today, through incredible views and changing scenery, I was struck by how different the areas were, our cars were, and our different walks of life. I enjoyed the Rally Bug as Erik Bergman, Jacob Fielding, and Ross Nellums all took a turn at driving it. Each had a slightly different take on the car, but collectively could agree why I love it so much. As we drove along, discussing work, cars and life…I one again enjoyed that events like these are so much more than the cars, the roads, or the scenery. The thing that makes the Hagerty Silver Summit so special is the people.

Enthusiasts gathered for one single reason; to enjoy classic car motoring on fantastic roads. Does it get any better than this?

(Special thanks to Andrew Snucins and Dan Evans for another day of absolutely incredible photography.)

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