Hagerty Spring Thaw – Day One!

Whew! It’s been quite the adventure today…and it’s still not over. The day began in wonderful sunshine, and we’ve enjoyed the entire run right up to the town of Sicamous. The challenge, for those of us dining in Sicamous, is that we’re supposed┬áto be in Revelstoke!

A highway closure has all but four cars camped out, enjoying dinner, and waiting for the highway to open. I did promise an awesome parking lot party when we arrived in Revelstoke, and we’ve instead just turned it into an awesome party in the Super 8 Parking lot in Sicamous!

Photos, and stories are short today…but with good friends to hang out with, we’re far beyond simply making the best of it.

IMG_9784 davehordey (4 of 4) davehordey (2 of 4) davehordey (1 of 4)

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