2017 Hagerty Maple Mille – Day Three

“How did you find these roads?”, I was asked at our finish. “We’ve lived here all our lives, and travel up here almost every weekend in the summer and we’ve never driven those roads…”

With the sun rising on Lake Simcoe, and the morning mist slowly burning off, a number of cars made use of the lakeside lawn for early morning photos. Not having the keys for the Mustang, I made my way to the breakfast room. Inside, groups of friends new and old were already seated and eating, and the effects of our late night gathering were clearly non-existent. You could feel the anticipation for another great day of motoring.

Departing Jackson’s Point, we headed counter-clockwise around the lake, on a route not usually used by most people. Typically when travelling the east side of Lake Simcoe, one endures the straights of highway 48, 12 and then 169 on the north side. A closer look at the map, however, and you’ll notice a shoreline ribbon of tarmac that follows almost the whole lake, with wonderful views to compliment your morning drive.

On the north end, we explored Cooper’s Falls, Housey Rapids, and then almost into Gravenhurst before turning south for a portion of CCA’s favourite Ontario road. With the afternoon beginning it was time to head towards our finish, at the Erindale Aerodrome.

The Aerodrome was packed with classic cars, all attending the Hagerty Family Funfest weekend. As our group of cars rolled into the show grounds, it was clear we were a little more dusty than the show cars already on the field! Having just finished roughly 1100km of driving over the past three days, however, we were welcomed with great interest from a number of the other attendees.

The Hagerty Maple Mille group retired to the Hanger for Lunch, a much needed cold beverage and a chance to share our final stories and goodbyes. Mike Kieley was awarded the Hagerty Spirit of the Maple Mille Award, for his efforts in ensuring Scott Gray would still make the event. When Scott’s 356 motor gave up the ghost in final testing, Mike wouldn’t accept Scott’s cancellation. “Take my ’74 Targa,” he insisted, “it would be a shame if you missed the event.”

And that, really, is the type of people we get to share our weekend with. Wonderful Car guys and gals who love classic cars, driving great roads, and getting to meet new and wonderful friends. We’re already planning the 2018 route for the Hagerty Maple Mille, mark your Calendars for September 21st to 23rd 2018!

Photos of the day were provided by our talented photographer Ralph Saulnier

Additional photos of the Maple Mille, by CCA’s Dave Hord


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