Hagerty Maple Mille – Day Three

076J0007Waking up for day three, we were surprised to find a thick coating of frost on our vehicles. While a simple reminder that the classic car motoring season is coming to an end, it turned out to be a signal that great scenery lay ahead. 

Today’s route took the group from Petawawa through Round Lake, before heading East to Eaganville. Once in Eaganville, we turned West and the twisty roads really began. We enjoyed highway 512 through Foymount, and then explored a touch of Letterkenny. Unfortunately, no locals with problems could be found*, so onward we went towards Combermere and then up to Barry’s Bay. While Combermere to Barry’s Bay was on the day two route, day three featured a new road which instantly became the favourite of many. Tight and twisting, the road was a delight…and had the added bonus of ending at an ice cream shop!

076J0080From Barry’s Bay we went around Elephant Lake and down to Maynooth, and then made our way towards Halliburton. Here the morning’s frost was remembered as many of the trees and finally started their fall colour change. As we traveled south of Algonquin park, the traditional fall colours of yellow, orange and red began to overtake the surrounding forests. The sun was out, the tops were down (mostly), and the twisty roads and fall colours entertained us all the way to the finish. 

076J0134Once sweep pulled in, I presented the traditional Classic Car Adventure’s awards. The Hard Luck award was awarded to Bob Faulkner, who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend to receive it. Bob and Lynda’s gorgeous TR6 decide to quit shortly after a morning gas stop. Diagnosis and repair attempts were unsuccessful, and the TR6 was towed back to the start (where a truck and trailer were waiting). Bob’s unfortunate luck didn’t end there, as upon arriving to the the truck he discovered a tire had gone flat during the event! 

076J0150Our Macgyver award is traditionally presented to the entrant with the best ‘fix’ along the event. About mid-day, Mike and Catherine Martin began to smell fuel as they were driving. Initially thinking it was probably one of the cars ahead, Mike and Catherine agreed they should at least pull over and check their own car. Good thing, as a fuel fitting had vibrated loose, and they escaped any serious consequences. Our Macgyver award includes tubes of JB Weld, as we think it probably represents today’s classic car emergency repair of choice. We conveniently mount the tubes to the perfect display and mixing tray, lets hope Mike didn’t need to use them on the way home!

076J0152Our final award, the Spirit of the Maple Mille, is reserved for the entrant or entrants who best demonstrate the spirit of Classic Car Adventures. This year’s recipients were John and Marci Hinde, who drove their Intermeccanica 356 all the way from B.C. for the event. But the drive alone wasn’t the only reason for their recognition. The pair help with registration, they spent the three days hosting our first-time entrants and convinced friends and family to join in the event, signing up our sweep crew from Bromley Automotive. If that wasn’t enough, this is their fifteenth event with CCA…so they’ve clearly got the same adventuring spirit we have! 

Sadly, though, with the Spirit of the Maple Mille award complete…our weekend was over. As we filtered out of the restaurant saying goodbyes, it was clear that next year is going to see the same group returning…likely with many of their friends in tow. The 2017 running of the Hagerty Maple Mille is going to be quite the party!


Photos for the 2016 Hagerty Maple Mille are provided by Ralph Saulnier Photography

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