2016 Hagerty Maple Mille – Day Two

076J9675The dew was heavy before breakfast, but by the end the sun was shining. Our group gathered in the parking lot of the morning driver’s meeting, where Dave presented two new pages for the route book. Our closed road of yesterday was going to be re-used, but a simple re-route meant we wouldn’t lose any twisty roads, or have any major delays.

The group departed the hotel, and soon found ourselves exploring a little more of Renfrew Ontario that perhaps we planned. A simply “Turn Left” in the route book somehow got typed up as “Turn Right”, which confused more than a few teams. No real worries, however, as the route book also suggests signs and landmarks which allowed the first half of the group to figure it out on their second time around the block. Once Dave had arrived and realized his mistake, the rest of the field were treated to a tall guy wearing flannel standing in the road directing everyone in the right direction. Some of the Renfrew locals, however, were quite confused! Truthfully, though, the fact that Dave was standing on the corner was a little bit of coincidence. The ’67 Camaro Convertible he was traveling in had developed some fuel issues, and they pulled over right at the route book error to diagnose and repair. 

076J9816Despite a few hours of trying, ultimately, they were stumped. All was not lost, however, as Hagerty Roadside Assistance is included for all entrants, and soon a tow truck would arrive. While Jonathan enjoyed the Ontario countryside (aka: waited for the tow truck), Dave shoehorned himself into the back of a ’69 Camaro and went ahead to meet up with the rest of the event. 

076J9941Our route today began with rolling roads with flowing turns, best suited for the larger cars, before dropping into some tight twisties which favoured the smaller European entrants. After about an hour suited to each type of car, the rest of the day was spent swapping out ideal sections or roads in a somewhat random fashion. We started by heading West out of Renfrew, dropped South for about an hour through long-forgotten towns, and then worked our way West again. Soon we were driving North West towards Palmer Rapids, and then began our “lunch loop” to Bancroft, where groups refueled both body and car. 

076J9851Returning from the lunch loop, crossing over the morning path, a few groups of cars were surprised to find Dave standing on the side of the road no car in sight. “I know Paul is driving solo in the Mustang,” he’d explain, “so I’m just waiting for him to pass so I can jump in.” An odd thing to come across, perhaps, but a reminder that anything can happen when you take classic cars 1200 kilometres in a single weekend!

076J9975The finishing roads for today took us through Barry’s Bay, and then turned North East towards the town of Petawawa. The route book instructed a specific time to meet in the lobby, and warned that missing it would mean no transportation to dinner! We boarded the bus, a simple roll-call was taken, and were soon whisked away to the Petawawa Golf and Country club. Once there, we enjoyed a fantastic dinner with friends old and new. The tables were alive with stories of carburetors, great roads, and the sharing of adventure stories…traditions where ever car people seem to gather, and the perfect ending to a day of great driving.


Photography for the Hagerty Maple Mille is provided by Ralph Saulnier Photography.

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