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I’ve been living in BC for about nine and a half years now, and have had the pleasure of driving many of the great roads in this province. Between our own Classic Car Adventures’ events, coaching Mountain Biking or rallying with the West Coast Rally Association…I sometimes feel like I’ve seen it all. I’ve been as far North as Smithers, all the way to Tofino and as far East as the Alberta border. I once tried to highlight all the roads I’ve driven on a Provincial map, but it simply ended up soggy with ink and unreadible. Despite all of this, there are still roads untraveled…and it’s driving me crazy!

R2GB_2012_0277prep_WEBSome of my “must try” roads are going to require a significant amount of pre-planning. I’ve always wanted to drive to the Yukon, why? Just to say I’ve done it. I’ve heard the road to Bella Coola and back is incredible…but that’s not exactly a day trip from Squamish. My ultimate adventure is a story for another time, but lets just say I haven’t tried it yet for fear of having to leave a Beetle buried deep, VERY deep, in the BC backwoods. So while some of the roads on my list are perhaps overly adventurous, some are just a morning away.

Case in point: The Highline.


This potential gem links the community of D’arcy (North of Pemberton) with Seton Portage, a community about 25km West of Lillooet. Officially named “The Douglas Trail Road”, it was finally ruled a Provincial Highway in a court decision back in Feb 2013.  I’ve been paying close attention over the years on Motorcycle forums, to figure out when the best time to try the road is, and this is the year! From the un-confirmed reports I’ve read, the road is quite a bit better than previous years, smoother then the Hurley, and should be doable in a classic car. Since adventures such as this one are more fun, and safer, with friends…I’m inviting you along!

Vehicle Eligability
I’m bringing my classic car, but feel free to bring your modern day vehicle if you like. I already know we’ve got a Ford Focus & an approaching-classic Honda along for the trip. I think we can be open to Adventure bikes as well, but would like to discuss mixing cars and bikes with the riders first to ensure we’re as safe as possible.

Important Note:
Please note that this is not an official CCA event, but just a group of friends getting together for some back country road exploration. There will be no sweep, and instructions will be a sheet of Google Map directions (if Dave remembers to print them off).

Packing List
If you’re planning on attending, you’d be nuts not to have the following with you:

  • Warning Triangle (30cm reflective sides)
  • Tow Strap
  • Spare Tire (I don’t recommend a space saver spare, at the very least throw a full size one in the trunk)
  • Tool Kit
  • Basic spares
  • Minimum 2 Gal spare gas tank.

– Saturday June 14th, email the link below for timing and schedule.

Lastly, to ensure that we don’t leave without you. Please email Dave to confirm you’ll be meeting in Squamish at the North Petro Canada on Saturday morning.

  1. Dave Hord – 1979 VW 1302s
  2. John Hinde – Ford Focus Wagon
  3. Tony Latham – Honda Civic Rally Car
  4. Jos Van Berckel  – BMW 1200 Adventure Bike
  5. Regien Van Berckel  – BMW 1200 Adventure Bike
  6. Mark and Jeff Dykstra – Ford Cortina or Dodge Dakota






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