Totem Rally 2010

Eric Horst (WA) & Stephen Mats Mats (WA) carve through the snow on their way to 2nd place Historic, 5th Overall. Photo: Tony Latham

Snow is a four letter word. It was also the dominant factor that shaped the 2010 running of the Totem Rally. With 17 crews gathering from BC, Alberta, Oregon, Washington, The Yukon and Arizona, everyone involved knew the competition was going to be tough.  Organized by the West Coast Rally Association, the event started in Cache Creek, BC on Saturday morning with an overnight stop in 100 Mile House before returning to Cache Creek on Sunday. Up to 20 cm of fresh snow in the area added to the challenge.

While most crews arrived with modern all-wheel-drive Subarus or BMWs, a select group choose a different path, the Historic class. Open to cars 25 years old or older, the Historic class honours the 50-plus year history of the event by encouraging owners to actively use their cars over 800 kms of the best back roads BC has to offer.

Gary Webb (AZ) and John Kisela (WA) won Historic Class in their Toyota Celica GT. Photo: Tony Latham

Top placed historic for 2010 was the 1983 Toyota Celica GT of Gary Webb and John Kisela, only seven points clear of Eric Horst and Stephen Mats Mats in their 1983 Audi Quattro. Both teams finished top-5 overall. Full results can be found at

Words & Photos by Tony Latham

Next up on the TSD rally schedule is the legendary Thunderbird Rally, February 12-13, 2011. Classic Car Adventures will be sponsoring the Historic Class which encompasses cars from 1985 and earlier and we’d like to encourage you to come and take part. Bolt up a set of snow tires to your classic Volvo, BMW, Saab, Mini, Beatle, or whatever you’ve got in the garage, and join us for a great adventure!

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2 Responses to “Totem Rally 2010”

  1. Rick Higgs November 23, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    We were hunting in GMA 3-28 on Saturday and were travelling “over the top” on the Wentworth/Watching Creek road system in GMA 3-29 for an end of the day hunt.

    No warning that a Rally would be “coming at us” and we had a few surprised drivers. I also had to yell at a group in a Toyota Landcruiser who were unaware Rally entrants were crawling up their backside.

    Good to tell Rally entrants to slow down when encountering others but a few signs would have helped.

  2. Dave December 1, 2010 at 10:29 am #

    Hi Rick,

    Classic Car Adventures wasn’t hosting the event, simply just reporting the story of some historic cars. If you have feedback on the event or your experience you should contact the West Coast Rally Association. Feel free to email me for contact details.