Goodwood Revival 2010 Videos

Photo: John Colley/Goodwood Revival

Ask anyone who has been to the Goodwood Revival, and you’ll likely hear glowing reviews and wonderful stories. It is certainly #1 on our “must see” list. The annual highlights show on UK television does a great job of showing the hard-fought race action mixed with the vintage atmosphere. I think its safe to say that the on-track racing is some of the most intense historic racing you’re bound to see anywhere. Insanely rare and expensive automobiles going wheel to wheel on one of the fastest circuits is a sight to behold.

Photo: John Colley/Goodwood Revival

We’ve found portions of ITV’s 45-minute show online, along with some other videos that capture the sights and sounds of this event. The full ITV show is available for download via several ‘torrent’ websites if you are so inclined.

Here’s the Tourist Trophy portion of the ITV show, featuring GT cars from the early sixties. Luckily this year’s event had a clean start, but Bobby Rahal’s off-track excursion in F1-designer Adrian Newey’s lightweight e-type will make you cringe! Incredible racing.

Starting life as a perimeter road around the WWII airfield, the track is hellishly fast and must be quite a thrill in a historic car. Not to mention, you need to have an immaculately prepared motor and car to withstand these revs and forces!  To get an idea of the speeds, ride along with Tony Dron as he battles with Anthony Reid in the St. Mary’s Trophy! Dron is in a Ford Zodiac and Reid in a Jag Mk1, drafting and sliding their way around the track. Sadly, it ends with Dron breaking a front hub and retiring. (Skip to 1:30min for the start.)

Again, try and find a copy or download of the ITV show, because the St. Mary’s race was immensely entertaining. Watching ex-F1 driver Martin Brundle in a little A35 duke it out with multi-time Le Mans winner, Tom Kristensen, in the bigger Austin Westminster is not to be missed!

Photo: Matt Sills/Goodwood Revival

Here’s an amateur video of the Whitsun Trophy race that really gives you a sense of the raw sound of the ground-pounding sportscars that the television coverage doesn’t capture.

Thanks to Motorsport Retro for pointing to the ITV TT segment.
Goodwood Photographs are from the Revival website.

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  1. Marc October 19, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    Very nice post! Here a Youtube playlist with several HD Goodwood Revival 2010 video’s! Spectacular action!

  2. Brian November 15, 2010 at 8:47 pm #

    That was a GREAT post …. they drive the nuts off of everything over there !!