365 Days with a Model A

Hagerty Canada has been a great supporter of our Classic Car Adventures events this year, and their company is full of real classic car enthusiasts. We just received this PR from Hagerty Media and thought it was worth sharing. Here at CCA we believe that classics are for driving, and Jonathan Klinger is going to prove it in the extreme with his “365 Days of A”. Go Jonathan!

Ever wonder how our great grandparents got by without GPS, iPod hookups and cruise control? Well, Hagerty Media does and so do many of our readers. Jonathan Klinger has agreed to act as the closest thing we’ve got to our great grandparents and has volunteered to chronicle what it’s like to drive an 80+ year-old car every day, rain, shine, snow or tropical storm for the next year.

Why are we doing this? Hagerty Media thinks there’s a great story in this and Jonathan is going to record the good, the bad and the hilarious in print, on the Web and in video for our magazine readers, Facebook fans and Website visitors. Although the car’s daily use for the project precludes its insurance with Hagerty (therefore it is not insured by Hagerty), the point of it is, we want people to know just how usable and easy to own great Pre-War vintage cars like the Model A really are.  In other words, if Klinger can drive one every day through every season, you can darn sure enjoy one every possible weekend while looking after a great piece of our motoring heritage.

The 1930 Model A being used for this project is not the same Model A that the employees restored (the employee-restored Model A is far too nice to drive through the winter and it doesn’t have roll-up windows). If Jonathan has to travel to an event by plane and the rental car company can not offer him a Model A Ford, he can take a newer vehicle. (We’d like to know what rental companies offer Model A’s…they’ll get our business! – Ed)

So follow his exploits, laugh with him, grit your teeth with him and give him an occasional push as we officially kick off “365 Days of A” today and will end with the car being driven to the annual Hershey swap meet in October of 2011.

Follow this journey through Hagerty’s magazine and website, and a regular blog with photos and video at www.365DaysOfA.com.

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2 Responses to “365 Days with a Model A”

  1. Harvey McEwen October 13, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    I am really looking forward to this Model ‘A’ adventure as I spent a good portion of my life in Northern Alberta where these high wheeled Fords were the farmer’s best friend on the deep rutted and often muddy roads . We nicknamed them ‘A’ Bones.I can still hear the wonderful sound of these ‘4 bangers’ from a not forgotten distance. Atta-boy Mr. Klinger!

  2. Rex Rice October 15, 2010 at 7:52 pm #

    What fun! When I started driving, I drove Model T’s every day, hand cranking on frosty mornings to get to work. My first Model A was a huge improvement: 4 wheel brakes, a real transmission, a gas gauge. Jonathon will have a delightful time. I know I did.