Rallye du Chilliwack – September 18

We hope everyone has been having a fun-filled summer with their classic cars. Things have been quiet here on the website, as we enjoy the sun and car events, but as the summer months count down, talk has returned to what driving events are coming up.

A couple of Spring Thaw participants from The Classic European Car Club of BC (CECC) are hosting a 1950’s style competitive road rally in and around the backroads of Chilliwack on Saturday, Sept. 18th, 2010.

The Rallye du Chilliwack will test the navigation, driving, and observation skills of teams entered as well as their vehicles. It is open to owners of any European car from the 60s, 70s, and 80s which will be placed in one of four CECC classes. Navigators are strongly recommended, but expections can be made.

In brief, each team (driver and navigator in an automobile) will be given a map with only a rough idea of certain check points. The teams are to locate the checkpoints, photograph themselves at the check points, and then meet at a final destination without being late. The team that navigates the best route (shortest miles) wins the rallye.

There will be a nominal cost ($10-$15/team to cover event stickers/maps) and certain requirements (older European car, valid drivers lisence & auto insurance, working odometer, and digital camera).

You can find more info at their website: http://www.classiceuropeancarclub.com/events-chilliwack-a3.htm

Feel free to discuss this on our forum as well.

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