September Maryhill Weekend

Here are some more details for a self-organized, casual meetup in Washington for those who are interested in getting their cars out on the open road before the weather turns. If you are interested in participating, please email us or join the conversation in the forum (recommended) to organize meetup points along the way. When you sign up for the forum, please remember to use your real name so that we can authorize your membership more easily.

There are two activities that we have picked out as our raison d’etre for this run…

Saturday, September 26
The Ron Sitner Memorial Hare & Hound Rally, formaly known as the Maryhill Drivers Hare & Hound Rally, will take place on Saturday, September 26. The starting place is the Chamberlain Lake Rest Area, about 7 miles east of Bingen, WA on Hwy 14. Drivers meeting at about 10:30 and the first car out at 11:01. As in the past, the rally will be over in time for you to enjoy the car show at the Maryhill Museum in the afternoon. Participants will be staying at the Ponderosa Motel in Goldendale, WA, rates are $60 for a single to $80 for a double-double. Pets are welcome but mention it when calling, pet rooms are in the older section. Phone 509-773-5842, mention Touring Club of Oregon. Dinner and trophy presention will be at the same mexican restaurant as last year and will be at 5:30.

Sunday, September 27
The Maryhill Hillclimb is a SOVREN vintage race up one of the few genuine hillclimbs on one of the world’s most spectacular hills on the first paved highway constructed in Washington state almost a century ago. This course is featured in many car commercials and offers countless scenic viewing spots. Racing will take place from 8:30a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday on the historic Maryhill Loops Road 4 miles west of the Maryhill Museum and near the Stone Henge replica.

Getting there?
We know that we will all be departing from different start locations, and different start times, so we are going to leave this as a “self-organized” adventure. Please use the forums to coordinate with others who are attending, and we will also update this page with details if specific meet-up locations are determined. There are some amazing roads down in southern WA, with potential detours past Mt. St. Helens or along the Columbia River. Let the adventure begin!

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2 Responses to “September Maryhill Weekend”

  1. Stewart Pentiss September 8, 2009 at 9:21 am #

    Hey folks:
    I’m South of thge border (Bellingham) and can join up after you cross.

  2. Tim September 29, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

    My son Thomas and I made it to the MaryHill event and had a great time. Met a nice couple (Mini) from BC who gave us a heads up on the Spring Thaw Rally and hope we can make it.

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